Team behind the work

Meet the Team


A Jack of all trades, his skills range from systems design and data analysis all the way to hardware and circuit design. This diverse skill set has helped him in taking on quite demanding projects. Also enjoys playing the guitar, playing chess, traveling and trying new hobbies when not messing around with electronics. Also knows his way around a joke or two! 

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CAD mastermind and creative FX artist, Hasith also dabbles in the graphic design and circuit design department. He’s the guy to talk to if you want to design a product, prototype it and finally manufacture it. He’s somehow also the guy to talk to if you want a promotional video made for that same product! Spends his free time making crazy weapons from movies and participating in activities that are downright foolhardy that even going into a a little bit of detail would legally require us to follow it with a couple of “Do not try this at home” warnings.

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Been painting since the kindergarten, his skills improved with age and the mediums changed from the physical canvas to the digital artboard. Proficient in 3D modelling and an aspiring architect, he also delves in to game designing. In the free time he works on interesting projects like homemade pool tables, basketball courts and model ship making (yeah read that bit right) with help from his father.

Special thanks to Mr. Weligama for letting us pose in front of his paintings!